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Palù di Livenza e Sito Palafitticolo - Polcenigo (Pn) Palù di Livenza has been officially listed as UNESCO world heritage site since 27 June 2011 as part of the Prehistoric Pile dwellings around the Alps in France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. This swampy area, located between the karst springs and water-meadows of the plain, is home to many hygrophilous plants and waterbird typical of swamps.
Grotte di Villanova - Lusevera (Ud) In the higher Val Torre, the underground boasts a remarkable Karstic area. The Grotta Nuova di Villanova is no doubt the jewel of the crown among the caves of the area, because of its size and special characteristcs. The cave can be visited all year around upon reservation.
Forra e spiaggetta del Natisone - Premariacco (Ud) Under the Roman bridge, built on the big rocks of the gorge, there is a little beach where in the summer you can relax and lie in the sun.
Parco Rurale Alture di Polazzo - Fogliano di Redipuglia (Go) Living in the Karst, in the midst of a protected natural area, an area rich in many species of rare plants and animals, has made us more sensitive to natural features and for this reason from 1996 we have slowly converted our farming methods to organic ones.
Grotta di Vigant - Nimis (Ud) The cave of Vigant, discovered more than a century ago, is very interesting from the geological point of view. Although its inner part can be visited just by expert speleologists, the entrance and the first part still worths a visit.
Grotta di San Giovanni d'Antro - Pulfero (Ud) The cave of San Giovanni d'Antro is located in Pulfero, in the Natisone valley. After climbing up more than 100 steps to reach the fortified entrance, visitors can see a large cave rich in limestone, with a votive chapel and a wooden altar, testifying the arrival of Christianity already in the 8th century.
Parco Botanico Archeologico -Buttrio (Ud) The park is located in the Toppo-Florio Villa and it boasts about 60 native plants, but also some exotic species. It also preserves several Roman archaeological relics found by the Counts Toppo in Aquileia during some digs.
Forra del Cornappo - Nimis (Ud) Not only is the Cornappo stream a speleologists' paradise for its several caves, but it is also a perfect destination for those interested in fishing, because of the abundance of marble trouts and fario trouts.
Fonte Meria - Torreano (Ud) Fonte Meria is a fascinating stream located in the middle of the woods. It is a perfect destination for mountain bike lovers to reach through Monte Naos and Monte Forcis, enjoying the view of old woods of chestnut trees.
Arboreto Pascul - Tarcento (Ud) Planted in 1953, the arboretum plays a very important educational role. Today it boasts more than 2000 plants and each of them can be easily recognised by visitors.