Sunset Engagement Session by Britt Rene Photography

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dream marriage consists of dancing in the kitchen on a side note, how cute are brandon & leah

Taking a nap in Joshua Tree 😴 Selfie by Tag dirtyboots and use to be featured! Also check out dirtyboots& FB group.

დ“Loveis not leaning on each other, adjusting to fit a different size.Loveis simply two hands reached out in the darkness,saying; I’ll be your light, if you’ll be mine.

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♥ & Solveig

Silhouette Photo This is a picture of a couple who are dancing during the sunset and the aperture is and the shutter speed is

pensieri senza parole

I loved her hugs and holding her in my arms, feeling like a shield for her from all the bad things in the world. As her warm arms wrapped around me, I knew that she was perfect in every way.

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