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Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Spain (スペイン).....ay amor te quiero tanto, te quiero tanto :)

Challenge Character I'd bring home to my parents-Spain. I'll admit that he's not particularly a favorite of mine, but he would probably be a good boyfriend and would certainly get parent approval.

Yumm, ripe tomato :d

Yumm, ripe tomato :d

Mystic Messenger

Lookin' at the wrong Italian

Definately Romano <----- I feel like Italy Veneciano would be just as good as the Mafia as his brother. Like, badass Italy coming through. Its my opinion at least. But Italy Romano would be more skilled at it.

Romano's all like "no"

The Italians Hetalia<-Just look at all the Italy. Seborga looks like what you would get if you mix Feliciano (North Italy) and Lovi (South Italy).


Hetalia- Native America and chibi! So yeah I'm just going to go and cry alone in my room with all of my Halloween candy. <<< *already crying* don't mind me. BUT HOW DO YOU HAVE HALLOWEEN CANDY LEFT

2!p Italy Veneziano: Luciano

Tags: Anime, Axis Powers: Hetalia, North Italy, Pixiv, Axis Power Countries and he's doing sebbys knife thing!