Siria 2003

Siria 2003

Pastel Color,Cute thing,Black,White,Blood
Siria 2003
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I ship Garmau Larmau and Aarmau in the actual series on my street I ship Zanmau…

Yeah,Go on

Aphmau High School Secret - PARTY and a MAD MAX - Page 4 - Wattpad b b but i like zane ib this but in mystreet aarmau is OTP - Yo I ship a lot of things so


When I saw this on the My Street episode my enter FANGIRL came out that I didnt knew I had!

Why Aaron is Romeo? *thinking and understanding*Oh.....right...he....he is dead....*crying*

But major spoilers : Aaron has died and now aphmau is going to have his child and all I can do is keep calm and hate Aaron ! Go watch Aphmau is understand .

Obviously they are real!After all i'm Creepypasta girl,so For me they are Real!hpm!

I made this, "Repost if you think they are real"<<< haha they r real!<<< Scary but soo true. <<< Creepypasta characters give demons like me friends and Slenderman gives us a place to call home.