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This breaks my heart. Billie's fucking crying at the end of the solo and he can barely get the words out. :""(( I cried so hard when I watched this oh my god. Then when he screams "Daddy!!!" right before the solo... That got to me :"(( And what's even sadder is that they played this on September 15th at midnight, so it was the 30th anniversary of his fathers death. Billie also sang "30 years has gone so fast" instead of 7 years. :"( I love you Billie Joe don't worry your Daddy loves you and…

This is Green Day playing "Wake Me Up When September Ends" at Irving Plaza in New York City on September The opening act was Lipstick Homicide.


So I made my mom watch some videos with Gerard in them and she asked if he was gay. I asked why and she said he just had so much sass she wasn't sure! XD >> Bless your mom

Ray Toro My Chemical Romance

Im having a Ray appreciation moment

I just love his smile

Just another Ray Toro appreciation post because Ray deserves it because he is my actual ray of sunshine.