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SD8321 DHARMA Initiative Logo Lost TV Series 24x18 Print POSTER

This is a set of Ten pinback buttons featuring some of the Dharma Stations from the TV show Lost. Custom sets are available, just send me a PM!


I love the high lady voice Jin does while telling this! And Hurley still seems scared despite not being able to understand anything Jin's saying.

lost minimalist tv poster serie

The quote "See you in another life, brother - was uttered first by Desmond (played by Henry Ian Cusack).Variations and duplications of the quote were made by others, but mainly by Jack, played by Matthew Fox

You Are My Constant Lost Tv Show Inspired by LulusStampings

You Are My Constant Lost Tv Show Inspired Necklace - Fandom Jewelry - Fandom Necklace - Dharma Inspired Jewelry