potatoes L’il Pomme Anna.It’s a very simple deconstruction of that classic casserole potato dish Pomme Anna, but with a single-serve attitude.

Strawberry Roses

Impress your dinner guests with a simple trick: learn how to cut strawberries into roses and be the coolest hostess!(Cake Decorating Tips And Tricks)

Taking lunch to the office? Packing meals for a long work day? A round-up of some of the best posts featuring healthy adult lunch box ideas.

How to Make the Perfect Boiled Egg Every Time

Chips di zucchine

Oven Baked Zucchini Chips

Oven Baked Zucchini Chips are only 99 calories per serving. Why hit the vending machine when you can have this yummy superfood snack? sub out breadcrumbs to make thm

Egg Snowmen---- hard-boiled eggs, a carrot and some peppercorns. These snowmen are a very nice addition to your holiday appetizer platter. Oh and this will make eating eggs more fun for your kids as well ;

Chips di patate al forno

Potato chips cooked in the oven, seasoned as you like (cut very thin)

Cat Egg Mold: This amazing mold turns your fried eggs into Hello Kitty.whip up a batch right meow.

Lasagne alla zucca

Lasagne con zucca e salsiccia.

Sandwich di zucchine-secondo piatto al forno leggero

Cordon Bleu, Torte, Salads