Baby House

Turn cardboard boxes into creative diy projects today! Find out how to use cardboard boxes for kids games and activities beautifully RIGHT HERE!

tin can and clothespin vase

Green craft project idea - Repurpose a tuna can and clothes pins to make a flower pot or candle holders. Would be cute to do with a kid to work on fine motor skills. Would be cute for grandparents or as a Mothers Day gift! =) mothers day present :)

Angry Pon Pon

Angry Birds Pom Pom Craft

My kids LOVE Angry Birds! Pom pom angry birds game = hours of fun.

Lamp Shade Chandelier

DIY Paper Chandelier - Cute look for a little girls room. :) Strip the lamp shade down to it's bare-bones wiring. Wrap up the wire in scrap paper, doilies & fabric. Create your dangling pieces by str

How to make chunky yarn bracelet

Chunky yarn cuff DIY To create: Make a bracelet base using armature wire, which is extremely easy to form. Find a cylinder-shaped item that fits your wrist- jars work great. Continue to wrap around until you achieve the desired width.

idee per il matrimonio -Magari per chiudere le bomboniere Che avete Creato da soli

23 Adorable DIYs You Can Make With Clothespins

what an adorable DIY craft! Bride and Groom clothes pin. Perfect little gift for a bridal shower or wedding favor.

Didò Fatto in Casa - Pasta di Sale col Bimby

Home made play dough project All you need is: 1 cups of flour cups of salt 1 cups water 1 TB vegetable oil TB cream of tarter *food coloring - I use the liquid kind

A versatile Made in Italy Product easy to use. Three products in one: detach and attach your felt board using a simple velcro strap. Velcro is included in the package!

From Button to Bookmark

DIY simple and cute button bookmarks - What to do with all of those leftover buttons. Plus lots of other simple craft ideas. I know there must be something to be done with those cute buttons and my left over paper clips.

DIY Stencilled Pillow

DIY: Stencil Text on Fabric

I Love DIY Stencil Pillows. stencil your wedding song lyrics or any other phrase on a pillow for your master bedroom