Ever have the Dr. check your tongue? Ever wonder why? Now you know. The tongue is the first indication of something wrong in the body! #health #body #tongue

Which Tongue Are You? One diagnostic tool used by Acupuncturists is known as tongue diagnosis. Coatings, colors, and other markings on the tongue can provide practitioners with information about what is happening in the body.

Worst Food and Drink for your Teeth

The worst food and drink for your teeth. Everyone knows that sugar is bad for your teeth, but acidic foods can cause just as many problems. Here is a list of common foods and drinks and how acidic (bad) or alkaline (good) they are.

Posture at Work Infographic

Ultimate Guide to Good Posture at Work [Infographic]. Yoga's Simple Body Tools remind you that good posture is not just for posing. The benefits speak for themselves, plus you immediately look & feel better with good posture.

Dormire bene - Tutti i consigli per un buon sonno in una infografica!

Dormire bene - Tutti i consigli per un buon sonno in una infografica!

Periodontal Disease & Prevention

Statistically, million American adults are experiencing certain level of periodontal disease. Let's learn 5 simple steps to prevent periodontal disease.

Teach Children to Love Their Teeth

Miracle Smile Dentistry is one of the top Coral Gables Dentistry offering state of the art dental procedures at affordable prices.

Vitamin D for your teeth

It is hard enough to get the kids to brush their teeth once a day never mind the dentist recomended 3 times a day! Vitamen D comes in easy chewable forms for kids to help with dental health

Oral cancer is most often (but not always) found in those who use any form of tobacco and the risk is increases when combined with alcohol use. #DentistGrantsville

8 step Oral screening If you notice any of these symptoms, get your mouth checked by your doctor immediately.

Nel 90% dei casi l’alito cattivo ha origine dal cavo orale, e si risolve rimuovendo le cause che lo provocano.  A volte è sufficiente una più attenta igiene della bocca, in altri casi può essere però il sintomo di malattie dei denti, come le carie, o delle gengive (parodontite o piorrea ) che evolvono in maniera silente.

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