omg so awesome lol

Mike Wazowski finally gets popular…

A box of Monsters University cookies has a sticker over the face of Mike Wazowski, mirroring a running gag in the original 'Monsters, Inc. I'M DYING.

Sandwich Thief

Dump A Day The Sandwich Thief Isn't Who You Think - 15 Pics.So funny! Wish the sandwich owner had a better sense of humor

Print on post-it notes.

25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers Watch this tutorial on how to print on post-it notes to use for labeling.

Beyond true!

Every time Bohemian Rhapsody plays…

Queen funny Meme, rock band, Bohemian rhapsody song - so true! I never sing it without the opera voices!

Bahaha my favorite scene in this movie by far! "But if I moved the loathing til 9, I would still have time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness...but what will I wear??!"

The 12 Most Relatable Quotes From "The Grinch"

Heavy snow in New York City - 5th Avenue SW

Heavy snow in New York City - Avenue SW. That brief moment when snow has fallen on New York when it is still beautiful, rather than filthy and icy and wet and miserable.

Funny Cat Pictures: The Dog Did It. Funny animal photos cat, dog cute images pictures for facebook sharing. funny animals pictures, Cat Pictures

The Dog Did It cute memes animals cat cats adorable animal kittens pets meme kitten funny quotes humor omg funny pictures wtf funny animals

Augurio per il padrone... #bastardidentro #cartello #cane #padrone

Augurio per il padrone... #bastardidentro #cartello #cane #padrone

Happiness is a warm butt ahaha

Happiness is a warm butt

How Cats Celebrate Christmas - NoWayGirl / chestnuts roasting on an open fire. euh catnuts roasting on an open fire lalala lalalaaaaaa

Should I ever actually start working out and need workout gear...

I Run Because I Really Like Food Tank Top - Running Shirt - Workout Shirt - Quote this is the truth! I so need this shirt!

Hahahahahaha!  So very, very true.  :)

Murphys Law for Runners's funny how this fits so well. Damn you Murphy lol.

Soccer Players

Soccer Players

Funny pictures about Soccer Players. Oh, and cool pics about Soccer Players. Also, Soccer Players photos.