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"Just stay dead." by greenparcel on Tumblr

I found this to be a little too funny. ^^^ *scene ends and then the theme song plays* Zombielock << :D Jawn's face tho just just stay dead and serlocks like, rude!

A very Johnlocked wedding. This is soooo something that Sherlock would do and John would love every second. But I truly think that at the very end, he would lean closer and whisper the most romantic thing that John had ever heard, causing both men to blush...

Johnlock wedding - Why does this make me giggle so? XD but i believe sherlock would be romantic, he was after all folding napkins for johns wedding


I love the drawings of Sherlock and John that make them look like Disney characters❤❤❤

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Live Streamed/Prompt: Smauglock Hoards his Jawn Baggins uncreativeart: “ Anonymous asked uncreativeart: Sherlock/the hobbit please! I love me some cumbersmaug! /// I also snuck in some Hawke.