Individual strawberry pretzel salads - favorite food in the whole world! now in tiny sizes, even though i'd eat like 10

Recipe Best: Chicken & Bacon Lasagna Roll Ups

Chicken Bacon Lasagna Roll Ups. Each pasta is filled with an abundance of cheeses; crispy bacon sauteed with onion and garlic; and finally, topped with Alfredo cream sauce! Can do this with gluten free lasagna noodles!

Cheesecake in a Jar #recipe via @My Baking Addiction blog; she used #Weck jars.

Cheesecake in a Jar ~weck jars. is it sad that when I see cheescake in a jar I'm more interested in what company makes the jars than the recipe?

Mushroom Florentine Pasta Recipe

This creamy Mushroom Florentine Pasta Recipe may seem like a fancy dish, but it’s oh so quick and easy to make. It’s easy enough for a weeknight meal, but elegant for entertaining or enjoying as a celebration dinner, and it’s a terrific meatless option.

Chocolate Banana Bread Truffles | Recipe By Photo

Chocolate Banana Bread Truffles ~ Taking banana bread to a whole new level. Crumble it up and mix it with cream cheese to form little banana heaven balls. Oh wait, don’t forget to dip them in chocolate! link to recipe on page

Mini Pavlovas topped with raspberries.

Mini Pavolvas (no recipe, but a great idea!) A Lovely Afternoon Tea (The Hungry Australian) (christmas desserts australian)

Pie crust flower

Bite-Sized Peanut Butter Pies with Chocolate Crust! When something comes along that involves peanut butter and chocolate, . Bite Size Peanut Butter Pie with Chocolate . Beat the peanut butter .

Honey Glazed Chicken and Bacon Bites

Honey Glazed Chicken and Bacon Bites Ingredients: 1 pound boneless chicken breasts 20 thin bacon slices 3 tbsp honey 2 tsp coarse mustard fresh lemon juice

Marinated Feta Cheese #Recipe - great hostess gift

Marinated Feta Cheese

This marinated feta cheese recipe is wonderful to keep in the kitchen, to add to dishes or simply eat straight from the jar. Just think what a great hostess gift this would make, tasty and gorgeous to (Feta Cheese Making)

Cannoli di pasta fillo con crema di latte condensato e Philadelphia

Cannoli of Phyllo Dough with Cream of Condensed Milk and Philadelphia Cream Cheese (Cannoli di pasta fillo con crema di latte condensato e Philadelphia)

Man Salad Cup, Bacon!!!

Salad Cup WIN

Bacon Cups for salad or mashed potatoes. I don't know if this is a brilliant idea or a terrible one! Brilliant because yum! Terrible because it gives me the excuse to eat SO MUCH BACON.is that negated by putting a salad in it?

Orange Lacquered Roast Chicken

Luscious, Juicy Orange Lacquered Roast Chicken - I could just eat the crispy, orange, honey, soy glazed skin and be happy!