The World Where Everything's an Iceberg: Is Under the Surface -- Concept art by Gediminas Pranckevicius, thanks to of such an awesome idea! the world would be an even bigger place


For Sale on - Missing street - Digital Color photograph, Photographic Paper by Laurent Chehere. Offered by Muriel Guepin Gallery.

the queen

Spanish artist Antonio Mora& double exposure portraits merge human faces with ethereal landscapes and distinct architectural forms. His visually intr

12 case volanti in cui sarebbe bello vivere. Il progetto fotografico di Laurent Chehere

Flying Houses - Hotel du Lion French photographer Laurent Chehere‘s ongoing ‘flying houses’ series


art-of-day: “ Sergey Tyukanov - Art of Day Featured Artist Fantasy Etchings (View Sergey’s Art Feature) ” Sergey does some awesome stuff. I heartily recommend perusing his other works.


The Spirit of Cities Captured in Collage Silo / RU . Image Courtesy of Anastasia Savinova


In this beautiful mixed-media collages project, Swedish based artist Anastasia Savinova try to identify the differences and similarities between places of habitation. Travelling around cities and c

Le case volanti di Laurent Chehere ~ Fotografia Artistica Blog G. Santagata

Homes, hotels, caravans, circus tops – even the peeping toms have taken flight in Laurent Chehere’s gorgeous photographs of structures suspended mid-sky.

untitled (vehicle) by artist Jim Kazanjian using snippets of photographs found in the Library of Congress archives and inspired by H.


Flying Houses By French photographer Laurent Chehere. The Flying Houses series are on show until December at the Galerie Paris-Beijing, 54 rue Vertbois, Paris

Maisons Volantes, le case parigine di Laurent Chéhère |

Maisons Volantes, le case parigine di Laurent Chéhère

Maisons Volantes, le case parigine di Laurent Chéhère |