Toni Demuro

Readers in trees by Toni Demuro. I spent most of my childhood reading, perched up on the branches of the Mulberry tree in our yard. Wish I had more time to do this now as an adult.

Toni Demuro

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Toni Demuro illustrated Art

Swinging from a tree by Toni Demuro. Everything I like in one picture The moon, a tree and a swings

Toni Demuro

The Trees, 2011 - International Year of Forest. Series of 238 illustrations.

Tony Demuro tree illustration

Tree 106 Print: Epson Paper: Hahnemuehle William Turner, 310 gr Signed, Numbered and Certified Fine Art

toni demuro - tree 228

Out on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean resides artist Toni Demuro.