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KNOW YOUR LIMITS! Before u engage in BDSM play make a long ass list of everything you like, everything you don't like, and anything you're not sure about. Ex: if u only like getting spanked on one butt cheek, MAKE IT KNOWN. And the list is ever changing

A blog to learn bondage knots — thismighthurt:   I am making a tiny useful zine of...

strutyoursmut: “ other-bronte: “ workneverover: “ queeroticomics: “ thismighthurt: “ I am making a tiny useful zine of useful things and releasing it at cakechicago in two weeks!

Bdsmm quote submission dominant sub daddy slave dom master collar

findingmyinnersub: “ arkhamsmaddness: “ I always get frustrated when EVERYONE thinks that spankings are all sexual, there are many sorts of spankings for many different reasons, while sexy spankings.