Being miserable in a job only because it pays well Is just like locking yourself in a gold cage

love this decor idea!

Jacksonville Wedding by Nate Henderson

@Michela Ristaino ^^

'Some take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world'-Cindy Lauper Photo:Girl in a Cage

antique bird cage

I love the look of ornate bird cages. I want this type of cage either for just decor, or if I get a bird, etc!

Rosalie Gwathmey (Sep. 15, 1908 - 2001) Paris Bird Market, 1950s

Paris Bird Market (in the by Rosalie Gwathmey 1908 - 2001 gelatin silver print (Smithsonian)

Grant Lee Buffalo - Mockingbirds

In the cage there is food. Not much, but there is food. Outside are only great stretches of freedom. Nicanor Parra Bird Nightmare by Mick Ryan


The fact that every cage is empty makes me smile. To cage something that holds the ability to fly is insane. ~Cages a plentiful~


Bill Giyaman posted Free Printable Vintage Bird Art Card to their -birds- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

idea for my bird cage

We prefer : Pillar candles glowing from boho-glam birdcages. Image by Maring Photography .

Lovely dried flowers

What a pretty idea. I'm going to use a few of my dried fairy roses and add them to my grandma's love letters with twine!