G&KLavinia fuorile

G&KLavinia fuorile

G&KLavinia fuorile
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+ + absurdres arm support barefoot bikini breasts domino mask earrings eyebrows feet in water food food on head glowing glowing hair green bikini highres hotaru (splatoon) jewelry legs together mask mole mole under eye o-ring bottom object on head pa

[Splatoon] Pudding and Crazy (Another Story of Right)

GomiGomiPomi, gomigomipomi: Happy Valentine’s Day! :) Sort of...

gomigomipomi: “Happy Valentine’s Day! :) ” Sort of a continuation from Agent panel. A cute idea suggested by :) EDITED: Marie’s hair in the page, I drew it on the wrong side.

Sea Sirens

) ankle boots aori (splatoon) black boots black dress black hair black jumpsuit boots brown eyes closed eyes closed mouth commentary cousins detached collar domino mask dress earrings english fangs food food on head gloves green legwear grey