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Fairy Oak-Lavender Periwinkle: Daughter of the Night

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Fairy Oak-Vanilla Periwinkle's icon

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Fairy Oak-The Pollimon family

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Fairy Oak-Vanilla's and Lavender's Wardrobe

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Fairy Oak-Lavender and Flox

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Fairy Oak-The Poppys' farm

Fairy Oak-Cicero Periwinkle: He is Lavender’s and Vanilla’s father. He is a Nonmagical who can be a bit grumpy, but he’s very polite and a good person. He is an expert meteorologist, knows the clouds by name and can tell by their shape if they will bring sunshine or storm, a warm or a cold wind, rain or hail.
He can read the waves and the colour of the sea, the flight of seagulls, the scent of the air, the currents, the form of the rain, and the trembling of leaves.

Fairy Oak-Lavender: Daughter of the Night

The Citizens of Fairy Oak