maybe she’s just pieces of me  you’ve never seen #dark #beclaimed #BeautifulCreatures @Pür Minerals

I'm making a lace/fleece black winter coat for this year. After that one dies though I want to make a red winter coat like this

(Neo) He finally realized the only way to stop his father's madness would be to overthrow him.

RubinRed by Annie Bertram on 500px

RubinRed by Annie Bertram on 500px

Dark Art, Gothic Girls, Gothic Clothing, Gothic Beauty, High Low Dresses, Gothic Steampunk, Gothic Fashion, Black Laces, Darkness

e s t h è t i q u e s

Dānu - Hindu and Irish Goddess of Water. Danu is the primordial force of water, the personification of the ocean, from which all creation in the universe springs from. She produces streams and rivers.

Natalie Shau

Natalie Shau Digital art and photography meet at the gothic work of this worldwide renowned artist.