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Character Design 2 by Zanariya on DeviantArt

Waaah i feel like i shouldn't upload this but i will do anyways Main character and her best friend from my web comic "The second valkyre" (Read here:). No spoiler or anything, i'm just fan-girli.

Another character design related to my web comic "The Second Valkyre" (read here: thesecondvalkyre.thecomicserie… ). You've already seen a tiny little sneak peak of this character already, a...

Here are some characters from my web comic (the main character, bottom, and her best friend, top). Read my web comic here: thesecondvalkyre. As for now, the comic is unfortunat.

Probably this is just happenning to me right now.

Drapetomania was a conjectural mental illness that, in American physician Samuel A. Cartwright hypothesized to cause Black slaves to flee captivity. It has since been debunked as pseudoscience and part of the edifice of scientific racism.