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Audrey Hepburn is my all-time favorite actress, especially in movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.  She was a missionary at end of her life.  Admire her for that too.  ❥-Mari Marxuach Parrilla

If you’ve ever thought for a second about how to look beautiful, you’ve probably turned to Audrey Hepburn for inspiration. Although Hepburn’s star first rose in the her most iconic role was as Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s in

What should have happened.

Fixed it. It isn't Johnlock, yet it has certain feel to it that is more caring and the way the are inside. I didnt quite like how formal their goodbye ended up being. <<< I ship Johnlock but even if this is platonic I love this

You know you're a Sherlock fan when...

You know you're a Sherlock fan when. (I have to try the Vatican Cameos thing with the safe at work. Although I strongly suspect it will not end well.) < I gotta admit when something feels wrong I always want to shout VATICAN CAMEOS