Turnkey sharpener by Noam Bar Yochai for Monkey Business.

Pencil sharpener inspired by old fashioned turnkeys. Instead of turning the pencil, you turn the turnkey as in winding up a toy. Beautiful idea (design by Noam Bar Yochai).

Mechanical pencil by Lamy.

The Lamy Scribble mechanical pencil. My choice for sketching and note taking.

Mini-mechanical pencil by Bethge.

Mini-mechanical pencil by Bethge.

Eraser Brush.

In one end of the solid wooden block is a pencil eraser, and in the other a natural hair brush for sweeping away all of the rubbings. Simple, unbranded and utilitarian.

Pencil sharpener design by Thorsten Neeland.

Pencil sharpener design by Thorsten Neeland. Is it 'the' Bethge Pencil Sharpener?

Ruled Letter Opener.

Keep your fingers free of paper cuts with one of these handy letter openers.