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You're the one species that has gotten it right!!

But interesting concept

How to create a fictional character

How to write fictional characters.

Hmm.... I think I'll go with exploration in the Perverted Manor with an extra chance and a pendant.

i want to explore the pirate's island with an extra chance and a master reward. drawback will either be a prisoner or double up with mystery in the hunter's castle with an companion and mirror

Comfy Spaceship CYOA

Human Battleship with Old Fashioned interior Facilities: Tier 2 Fabricator - 3 points Tier 1 Medical Lab - 1 points Tier 1 Plant Garden - 1 point Tier 2 Library

RWBY v2 CYOA - Imgur

RWBY v2 CYOA - Imgur

Monster Dungeon CYOA

If you lurk /tg enough, /tg stares back at you. MONSTER ( Youre a Monster Overlord; Th ere are plenty of occupational h monster Dungeon CYOA

Guardian Angel CYOA

CYOA Gaurdian Angel Fixed that dragon sword for ya

Average Fantasy Reloaded CYOA

Are Your Kids Addicted To Video Games?

CYOA = choose your own adventures. Takes a while but read it through and you should be able to follow on. Post your results!

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CYOA Monster Hunter

is my vote for master of the hunt!