St.Patrick's day

Today we #GoGreen4Patricksday with some delicious recipes with a typical Irish taste, let's celebrate!
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Crema di whiskey fatta in casa

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Chocolate potato cake: una vera chicca irlandese da gustare con una delicata crema al Baileys! [Irish chocolate potato cake]

These are delicious sweet treats with a dark-chocolate, base, topped with a mint-flavoured butter cream frosting!

Tramezzini di pane di segale con salmone affumicato e rucola

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Crostata dolce al formaggio

Crostata dolce al formaggio cheese tart Il Ricettario di Sabrina

Oatcakes per San Patrizio, biscotti irlandesi

Oatcakes per San Patrizio, biscotti irlandesi. by Dolcearcobaleno

The glazed is a traditional recipe, very popular in the USA especially around Christmas time! The slow cooking makes the meat extremely tender and flavourful, and crispy on the outside.

Una torta verde per San Patrizio

The resembles a pint of the famous because of the contrast between the dark chocolate and the white topping!

The and is a traditional recipe, which is usually served with mashed The most famous dry adds a unique flavour to the meat!

This #Irish brown #bread with smoked #salmon is a great finger food that can be put together in a few minutes! See the recipe here:


Spaghetti Squash