Cool idea for Forward teams! Take people on a trip through infographics. Travel Infographics of South Africa: 150 Days Through Seven Countries

Johannesburg, South Africa-based ad people Jeff Tyser and Kerryn-lee Maggs traveled through 7 countries in the region over 150 days.

clean digital design | clever use of drop shadow & a nice allusion to material design

I really like this UI/UX gradient design, because of its general arrangement of elements, like: navigation, typography, imagery

chartbeat infographic

A Day in the Life of Web Content - 24 Hours In The World Of Web Content [Infographic]. Simple clean and infographic. The color choice is nice, and I love how simple this is. Clean graphics, and very good at explaining web content

world toilet day infographic

Global Toilet Statistics

Did you know of the global population does not have access to a clean and safe toilet? Check out this infographic by UNICEF on World Toilet Day to educate yourself and your friends on the lifesaving importance of clean and safe toilets and good hygiene.

Data & Research Infographical Book by Leonie Knowles, via Behance

My role involved art-directing the production of this infographical research into an book, consisting of over 90 pages with the …