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Motion Blur Revealed

I made this forest abstract at Cathedral Grove, a protected stand of giant douglas fir trees, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

12 Motion-Blur and Time-Lapse Photographers

12 Motion-Blur and Time-Lapse Photographers

Zoom blur effect

Zoom blur effect

Check out Green Motion Blur by RusticApplePhotos on Creative Market

Green Motion Blur Photos This abstract image was 'found' in a beautiful mixed forest of pine & eucalyptus.The motion blu by Rustic Apple Photos

zoom motion blur photo

Motion zoom can be created by zooming in or out while taking a photo. Using this technique you can take a mundane subject, and change it into a surreal photo.

Starling Roost Motion Blur

Slow shutter used to try and get the incoming birds blurred but keep the stationary birds sharp(ish). Taken at Aberystwyth Pier.