Flying Butterfly Surprise Card

Copy Paste Earn Money - Copy Paste Earn Money - Flying Butterfly Surprise Card - You’re copy pasting anyway.Get paid for it. - You’re copy pasting anyway.Get paid for it.

Four Cool Cats - Bug Art greeting card

Four Cool Cats Reminds me of The Aristocats, Everybody wants to be a cat scene

Il segreto, cara Alice, è circondarsi di persone che ti facciano sorridere il cuore. È allora, solo allora, che troverai il Paese delle Meraviglie. Cappellaio Matto.

The secret, dear Alice, is surrounded by people who make you smile at your heart.

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If you make a mistake, apologize. If leaving or returning, greet. If someone is sad, make him smile


Poster 2 Saint Exupéry: Le Petit Prince “L’essentiel est invisible pour les…

Fate come gli alberi

Do as the trees: the leaves change and keep the roots. So, change your ideas but keep your principles.