Flamma Terrae

Flamma Terrae

Creatività a 360°... quadri, vestiti, cosplay, accessori. Abbigliamento e Oggetti di Potere. Idee prese qua e là dal web e riprodotte... o quasi. ^_^
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25 Weekly Spread Ideas for your Bullet Journal - christina77star.co.uk

Weekly Spread Ideas for Bullet Journals - christina77star.co.uk

Sharing my monthly, weekly and daily planning routine using my bullet journal

Free Bullet Journal Reference Guide Printable. A one page wonder to help you review what the #BulletJournal is all about. Also handy to have to share with others and walk them through what a Bullet Journal is and how to get started. Print out as many as you like and share them with everyone you know! #tinyrayofsunshine

I like the banner w/ date and hours, could be used for month and days

christina77star.co.uk: Bullet Journal: My May Set Up

I like this version of a weekly layout - https://www.instagram.com/p/BCYFG5thnXP/

Introducing Calendex as a way for future planning with your bullet journal.

With the new year right around the corner, I thought I'd walk you through my new Bullet Journal set-up for 2016! :)

11-08 || This week’s spread so far!! Getting more and more into handlettering, and I’m having a blast! ✒️