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Susanna Leggieri
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Saying that you assert nothing is an assertion. Which is why atheists are self-deceived and therefore deceive others. Never trust a liar.

There are three errors in this meme. I will explain them in the comment section for anyone interested.

The Bible Is A Satanic Book.Satanists infiltrated The Catholic Church And Set Up The Bible.The Bible Is Not A Catholic Book.The Bible Was Written By Satanists To Destroy The Catholic Faith.And To Send Catholics And People To Hell.

Teens and young adults are clueless today. Thanks in part to technology and in part because of their education (indoctrination). History needs to be taught in all schools!

I don't have a problem with a company that makes a good product, charges a fair price, and makes a decent profit. I do have a problem with people who manipulate lawmakers with money to skew the market in their favor for landslide profit margins.

Steve Hofstetter... met him in the good old undergrad days.

Just imaging - instead of bible studies and sermons just being sympathetic, caring, loving, supportive and generous without prejudice and hatred towards your fellow men