I am born sick, but I love it

I am born sick, but I love it

I am born sick, but I love it
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The Orlando shooter was set off by the sight of two men kissing in public. Here are 100 more gay kiss sightings to help curb the hate, bro.

Love has no gender and being gay is a blessing. ♥♥ Guy & Chris http://www.youtube.com/user/LGBTparNatureAussi https://www.facebook.com/guychris.lgbtnature https://www.facebook.com/LgbtParNatureAussi https://twitter.com/LGBTparNature http://about.me/LGBTparNatureAussi

It's difficult to believe in the concept of true love, of romance, of deep feelings and connections when you're gay.

Okay i posted this partly because its cute... and partly because they are hot...

A study out of the UK this week found that 93 percent of straight, male college athletes surveyed had enjoyed a good cuddle with their straight bros more than one time, and a whopping 98 percent admitted to sharing a bed with another man during co.


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