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We have spent some time to tell stories about our wines and our lifestyle in Romagna ( Italy)...the reason why people love us around the world.
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Imagine a walk, in a summer day, on the Adriatic coast, imagine to dine on the beach drinking white wine, #chardonnay, #mada. Imagine even that you can have a walk in the vineyards and reach the beach in 30 minutes. #wemakewinesforfriends

Filare 15, ROW 15. Enio Ottaviani Winery, Rimini, Emilia Romagna, Cabernet Sauvignon. Discover the story on our Blog! Enio Ottaviani… Think about the ideal picnic! Friends and wine, nature and passion!

'928 Think about that period. Think about it tasting a glass of wine. It was the ’20, futurism went bombastic, Walt Disney – after various experiments – introduced us to Mickey Mouse , in his first short movie … and from then on our childhood was never the same. It was a century that provided great synthesis and changes. And Enio, our grandfather was born during all of this in the changing of the century, and yes, by chance Fleming was too and – in the same year – discovered penicillin!

#caciara Sangiovese from Romagna, Italy. The handmade pasta, the joy of people dining around a table, that's what we call #thehappynoise. Follow the story on

Brothers #caciara This is a brother wine, named #mada which means Massimo and Davidel. Two brothers and two different lives: Massimo the globetrotter around the world and Davide well rooted in the vineyard.

Handmadepasta and Caciara... our Sangiovese!

Sinfonia Brut Chardonnay, la brezza estiva che richiama l'Adriatico.

Red, good taste and happy noise.That's what we call #caciara, our red wine Sangiovese.

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