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Top 10 Bridal Skin Care tips for Glowing Skin Note the food list at the bottom that promotes healthy skin!

I'm not a fan of the whole "keep calm and" fad, *but*, this one has tea, and reading - Plus, my Grandma and Grandpa had those cups!

Zakynthos, Greece. Excited to be planning my trip to Greece this summer, hoping this makes it on the itinerary!

No other place on earth can boast the artistic heritage, the beautiful architecture, and the eclectic culture quite like Amsterdam. http://www.hollandamerica.com/cruise-destinations/european-cruises-options?WT.mc_id=SM_Pinterest

Happiness Is

i know it wasn't all bad things. there are some good things. but cutting my newsfeed has helped me regain some peace of mind. it made such a difference. i hope that does not sound offending haha.

brunette hair color with subtle warm highlights

The Safety Cat is a self-defense, personal protection tool designed mainly for women. It is made out of very strong aircraft aluminum and unlike similar products made of plastic, provides more durabil

Who made Izabel Goulart's bikini?

"Young fiddler With tunes in his head And fingers like a spider Weaving songs; His bow spinning Webs of music For my reeling toes To jig in Music's breeze."