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One of the sweetest scenes I have ever seen in my life.… definitely tied with ncis la season 5 episode 2 (impact) when Kensi goes to deeks house and he falls asleep to the sound of her voice because he feels relaxed and safe… #sunshineandgunpowder #wowineedalife

"Hardest 180 of my life." Tony DiNozzo to Ziva David; I'm going to miss Ziva. So so sad I loved Ziva

The Name of the Rose...from the Umberto Eco best selling book.

The Name of the Rose, Jean Jaques Annaud, A gallery of grotesques caught in a murderous labyrinthine mystery, inhabit a forboding and seemingly godforsaken monastery in the middle of nowhere.

Amazing Road, Bolgheri, Tuscany

abu sara originally shared to Amazing Places to See (Beautiful Earth): bolgheri-tuscany-italy driven this road too many times and i never get tired of it.

Livigno (Valtellina - prov. Sondrio)

Our magic Livigno

Marina Di Bibbona - Tuscany - Italy

Marina Di Bibbona - Tuscany - Italy

Fiat Seicento 1.1i cat Young a 999 Euro | Berlina | 74.340 km | Benzina | 40 Kw (54 Cv) | 05/2000

Fiat Seicento cat Young a 999 Euro

Livigno :))

Livigno :))

Bianca Atzei

Bianca Atzei

Download GTA: San Andreas For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (Link)

GTA San Andreas coming to iOS, Android and Windows Mobile this December - Gizmobic