Wedding Invitations. Let them shine

Wedding invitation trends 2018.
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Timeless Sophistication.  Creativity meets elegance. Majestic:  Traditional wedding etiquette invitation by size and weight with the original pocket invitation. Handwriting by a calligrapher in gold or bronze plus extra fine print. Grafica AcquaViva Milano
Art Deco Wedding Black Gold Geometric Glitter Invitation. Lemon Leaf Prints
Art Deco Wedding Black Gold Geometric Glitter Invitation. Lemon Leaf Prints
Golden Divinity. Bold and gold! This invitation has two sides and there’s a hint of animal print. Bring in the mirror paper envelope liner to add even more glam to this set. Cheree Berry Paper
Glittering pink. 4lovepolkadots
Rose Water: Lovely lettering is fluid throughout the suite. The couple’s names are accentuated by a metallic foil drop cap that becomes a monogram. The L-O-V-E envelope liner is an unexpected detail. Cheree Berry Paper
Melania Invitation box: Handmade, modern design, beautiful lace makes it stand out. The dangling crystal embellishment makes the invitation so unique. The invitation is handcrafted of fine silk. Boxed Wedding invitation
Veronica Invitation box: Handmade, silk, satin and a luxurious embellishment, black  elegance, this is a real showstopper invitation boxes. Boxed Wedding Invitation.
Black Charcoal watercolor. Dutch Floral Suite: Inspired by mid-century Dutch Baroque art. Katie Fisher Design
Just a Detail. Downing Street: Classic, yet modern. This suite is perfectly punctuated – the envelope flaps are piped in black, and mini-messages of angled type subtly reside in the corner of each card. Cheree Berry Paper

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