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Ch.4 - I found this cartoon to be humorous and related it to chapter 4 story of the curse of the hormones. In our culture, it is so engrained in both men and women this idea of PMS and that every woman has it, that even us as women start to believe it to be true. "Women are told that they suffer from PMS even if they don't" (p.94). As I woman I can admit to blaming my thoughts, behaviors, and emotions on PMS simply because it has been accepted as a cultural fact, rather than science fiction.

31 Period Humor Jokes That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who’s Had A Period These quotes are hilarious. In the link, youll be treated with a variety of jokes pertaining to menstruation. The gif of Jess from New Girl I feel like I want to murder someone, but I also want a soft pretzel is a great representation along side Lelo in this photo because it is a swell of mixed feelings hormone changes when a woman is on her period. The stigmas against these changes in characteristics shame a wom...

This so reminds me of a certain girly named

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