3D lights

"The Man with No Shadow", Makoto Tojiki. Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki works primarily with light, exploring its use in installations, figurative sculptures, as well as kinetic pieces.

Made out of forks...so cool

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

"Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" collection by Adel Abdessemed at David Zwirner Gallery in NYC


Anyone and No One

Coconut surfboard

Coco Mat Surfboards

Coco Mat Surfboards Innovative design uses discarded coconut husks to make lighter, stronger models

love this...

In his mixed media sculptures of animals and insects artist Sean Avery creates fur and feathers using meticulously layered fragments of broken CDs. (via Animal Sculptures Made from Shattered CDs

tooth cake

An interview - and frightening picture gallery - with the Californian artist and sculptor Scott Hove about his "Cakeland" project


oldschool heroes: pop icons with retro hipster flavor. artist: Fab Ciraolo empire of the sun

new pants

British graffiti writer and artist INSA was invited by Protein to be a part of the five original short films on Random Acts on Channel 4 in England.

Hel Yes

Hel Yes! Stockholm

Stockholm Cuisine meets design in a Finnish concept restaurant during Stockholm Design Week