Advertising inspiration, pasta fireworks by Barilla. Simple but effective! More

Creative food advertisments

This New year ad for the pasta brand Barilla is really interesting. Having the spaghetti coming out of the page, exploding like a firework is definitely a new approach to a pasta ad.

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Creative advertising

This is a starbucks advertisement which promotes their holiday drinks. They have arranged the drinks in such way that it forms a Christmas tree, symbolizing the holiday.

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This is an example of an Advertising Parody- they incorporate the "big mac" as one of McDonalds prodcuts, while the shape of the burger is in the shape of Apple's logo. hence the word "mac".


Ad for orange chocolate tea, made from entire orange, chocolate squares. Orange background gives emphasis to the fullness of fruit. String and label are indicators the ad is for tea.

La comunicazione creativa è come un tuffo nel cioccolato. Qualcosa che non ti aspetti. Oggi il social media management in Italia è una risorsa illimitata per ampliare i propri progetti. Usatela bene e rivolgetevi a dei professionisti della comunicazione visiva e digitale. Solo Così avrete dei risultati strepitosi. #comunicazionecreativa #socialmediamanager #italia #emiliaromagna #italy #dedafiorini

Irish International BBDO - Guinness 'Welcome Home' Poster ad that ran at Dublin Airport, welcoming those returning to Ireland for "The Gathering" - an Irish government-sponsored initiative which encourages the Irish diaspora to visit home.

Viralmente: Chupa Chups - Thinking? Boring? Anxious?

I like the idea for this advert. Its basically saying instead of chewing a pencil when thinking, chew a Chupa Chups lollipop.