"Sesamo" Crossed Stole. This crossed stole can be worn in a variety of ways: as a hood, draped over the shoulders, as a scarf, and with its obi (belt), as a top. Made with silk brocade, linen and viscose fabrics, it is a LE FIERE design combining silk shantung and taffeta. Registered accessory © Chiara Pizzinato Atelier. Basic: woolen dress. Discover the dress and accessories collection >

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LAGUNA handbag, made of “fiere” silky brocatel and satin. Embossed satiny lining and wide pockets inside. Discover the bag collection >

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THE FLOWERS OF ART • Art Nouveau therefore has its main source of inspiration in nature, whose elements are rendered as wavy lines. The colours are delicate ... Read More >

"Curry" Stole with holes. This stole with holes consists of Art Nouveau damask shantung with inlays of silk shantung. Registered accessory © Chiara Pizzinato Atelier. Basic: silk dress • Discover the stole with holes Curry >

GONDOLINO handbag, made of silky “Rinascimento” velvet (side A), silky “Gonzaga” velvet (side B) and underlaid velvet (aside). Silk lining and many pockets inside. Opening with wide accordion. Leather handles. Discover the bags collection >

MASCARETA handbag, made of silky velvet outside and suede decorations inside. Silky “Righe” velvet (side B). Also provided with wrist strap/suede and metal shoulder strap. Wide zippered pocket inside. Silky “Lance’” velvet (side A). Discover the bag collection >

THE FLOWERS OF ART • A style in which flowers are such a prevailing element that it got labelled as “floral style” in Italy. Split between two centuries and overcome by the Second World War, Art Nouveau stands for the first attempt at creating a ... Read More >

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