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In honor of Valentine's Day, all week ELIXHER will be celebrating our love -- our love of self, our love of other Black queer women, and everything in between. To kick things off, here are 25 touching photos of queer women couples that'll tug at your heart strings.

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HNNNNGGGG. I have eye diabetes now. Somebody put a health warning on this picture, for the love of God!

umbreon, glaceon, flareon, vaporeon, leafeon, eevee, jolteon, espeon, sylveon, pokemon

Day and Night by allocen ... umbreon, espeon, pokemon

Looking for a unique piece of Poke-art? Each card comes as a one of a kind, hand-painted further insight into the Pokemon’s surroundings. A great keepsake or gift for any Pokemon collector and addict! Custom orders also taken upon request!

I seriously want a pet joke.

Random Inspiration 122

....look at those beautiful colors-there's a Sherwin Williams paint swatch right there

This First Photo Stunned Me... But That Was Nothing Compared To The Rest. This Is Unbelievable.

~Models and Nature Editorial | House of Beccaria#

Demon Hunter is Hunting -T-shirt design contest by on @deviantART