Jenny Chuang

Jenny Chuang

tenderness of visual world.
Jenny Chuang
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1967, steel, sprayed jewelescent green, 25.4 x 80 x 68.6 cm. Caro Family Collection

steel, sprayed jewelescent green, x 80 x cm.

A heavily scored out and amended page from Beethoven's 6th Symphony - original hand-written manuscript.

A heavily scored out and amended page from Beethoven's Symphony - original hand-written manuscript.

“ Pages from Albert Einstein’s notebook

feezix: “ Pages from Albert Einstein’s notebook ” I want to wad them up and eat them, and absorb every genius nutrient into my own self.

Until the discovery of the Nag Hammadi codices in 1945, the literary and intellectual diversity of early Christianity had largely been forgotten. The writings of so-called gnostic Christians—vilified since they were declared heretical by church leaders in the fourth century—had been virtually erased from history, their gospels banned and even burned to solidify views of Christian tradition based on canonical writings such as the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The Nag Hammadi codices, detail Photo: Institute for Antiquity and Christianity, Claremont, California

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