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Giulia Lazzarini

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Penguins in the dark craft for kids to make! Great for winter time using fun chalk markers |

SNAKE CRAFT : This Mix 'N Match Articulated Snake Craft is such fun and twists, turns and slithers like a real one! With bright and colourful interchangeable body parts kids can make a unique snake toy every time they play! #GorillaTough #GorillaOfCourse

Colorful Button Jellyfish Craft For Kids

Remember that huge pack of popsicle sticks you bought at the dollar store? The ones you had huge craft plans for? Well the wait is finally over, because we’ve got the ultimate list of popsicle stick crafts for you and …

Make some dragonfly crafts using clothespins and pipe cleaners! Fun spring craft for kids to make.

Don't throw out your paper towel rolls, turn them into something playful with this.