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Why Should GTA 6 Feature Female Character -

Here we have the game Grand Theft Auto. Throughout the game women are advertised half naked and only used for advertisement to sell. Many teens only by the game to see women half naked.

The Future of XCOM Series -

I'm feeling June's Games with Gold lineup: While I wasn't all that thrilled with this month's Games with Gold lineup (Defense Grid

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The Fallout series is highly popular among gamers. There are Fallout 5 must have features list we expected to have in the next part of franchise.

XCOM 3 Could Go Back To Deep Ocean -

XCOM 3 is likely to be a remake of the Terror from the Deep expansion pack for the very first XCOM game, as it was hinted by developers.

New Upcoming Mafia 3 DLCs -

The road map of Mafia expansions. Mafia 3 will get three paid story expansions with the first arriving in March, developer Hangar 13 has announced.

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Here is some basic setups for the most popular open-wheel prototypes in Project CARS game - Formula A, B and C.

What Could Be The Next Midnight Club City -

Our speculations on what could be the next Midnight Club city, or will it be just city or even a whole state?

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The speculations about history period of the Mafia 4 game - when the game story would happen?

History of Midnight Club Game Series In Details -

History of Midnight club game described with gameplay evolution and set of features available in each part. What new was in every game released.

Project Cars Add-Ons Review and Prognosis -

Project Cars add-ons for pc described in details. Are you looking for Project Cars add-ons? They're here too with PC future add-ons speculations.