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Mladen Barisic

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Mladen Barisic
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Graphic showing family trees of stars in our galaxy, including the Sun. Credit: Institute of Astronomy/University of Cambridge.

Bartini Beriev VVA-14, 1972, Russian vertical take-off amphibious aircraft...How does it fly??

The Soviet Union's Bartini Beriev amphibious aircraft was built to counter nuclear submarines. The prototype now rusts in pieces at Monino, Russia

Soviet X14 Ultralight - Google Search

The a Soviet ultralight aircraft This ultralight aircraft called the is a homemade Soviet plane that weighs 100 lbs and is capable of speeds of 80 mph with only a 42 hp engine

Lavochkin La-7

Lavochkin The first soviet fighter to outclass German and even match during WWII. Although with some engine problems at the beginning of its service, it quickly became the most important fighter in soviet air force during the allied campaign.