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Jesus smiles when just one lamb is found and brought back to his fold. (Just months before my fathers father passed away Harold gave this pic to my husband Dennis)

leonardhq: “ Chris Bracey Hands of God, Found sculpture, neon and carnival bulbs. Unique Dimensions: 180 x 94 x 52 cm x 37 x Leonard HQ ”

Talaya is a Canaanite Rain-Goddess, the dew or rain personified. She is one of the three "noble brides" and the second daughter or a consort of Ba'al the Storm God, though She is also called a daughter of the great Mother Goddess Athirat. Her full name is Talaya bat Rab, "Dew, Daughter of Rain", and Her sisters are Aretsaya, Goddess of the Earth, and Pidraya, Goddess of Light or Lightning.

Alexandra Koukinova, Rain Doll Silver brocade fabrics are hand embroidered with beads of 20 shades and with silver threads. The hat is executed of silk gas and is decorated with the glass drops made under the special order.