Day boat tour to Bol from Split

Visit Bol with its Golden Horn, the most popular beach in Croatia. Spend the unforgettable time on our 8-hours boat tour, chilling and relaxing while sailing…
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there is a boat on the water with mountains in the background
The sceenes from Polaris...island of Brač! Boat tour from Split to Bol.
a woman walking on the beach with a kite flying in the air above her head
Polaris day cruise to Golden horn beach.
many people are on the beach with umbrellas and chairs in front of them,
Summer loading... full day boat tour to Bol and Zlatni Rat.
many people are on the beach near mountains
Golden horn beach. Boat tour from Split to Bol.
an aerial view of a boat sailing in the ocean with several other boats around it
Polaris on it's way to Bol. Full day all inclusive boat tour to Bol. Departures from Split.