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an info sheet with different colors and shapes
How to Use the Psychology of Colors When Marketing
The Psychology of Colors in Marketing - essential guidance on how to make the most visually appealling and effective Prezi
the color scheme for logos and their meanings
Color Psychology in Logo Design
Il logo della nostra linea di prodotti Sorriso (che avete scelto voi online) rispetta in pieno! U got it write guys! Thanks
the upper and lower letters of an english alphabet, with blue ink on white paper
Typography, Type, and Type Fonts image inspiration on Designspiration
Burgess Bold Burgess Studio
an advertisement for the bologna festival 2012 featuring two violins with bow ties on them
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Bologna Festival 2012 #diseño cartel muy elegante, que veis violines o un señor de etiqueta?
the evolution of television info poster
Design Archives
The Evolution of Television Sets -
an event poster for the 20th international student and professional exhibition, may 28 - 29
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This advertisement is a great example of how effective direction and large enough fonts can make designs work with colorful backgrounds. There are plenty of ways this design could have been unreadable, so the simple, yet totally readable black and off-white colors of the text are definite plusses. The best feature of this design is the arrow, which directs the viewer toward the date in the bottom-right corner, a corner that could be ignored otherwise.
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes on it's surface, including triangles
Triangle pattern by georgiana paraschiv via designlovefest. We love triangles over at CailaMade!