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Andrea Mamo

Andrea Mamo
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originalissimo grande specchio, perfetto per una casa in stile vintage

Anyone who has ever seen my house or my house tour knows that I love mirrors. I do like to add color to rooms, but I don’t tend do do as much art as some. I love a bold art piece here and there, but use more mirrors than anything else on the walls.

Richmond House by AR Design Studio - I Like Architecture

Richmond House was a small and unattractive 4 bed house; it was built from London stock in a neo‐ Georgian style. The clients’ instructed AR Design Studio to re‐design and extend the property and the brief was to introduce a new master.

Inside Instagram: Kai — Minimalissimo

Kai — — is a Malaysian born architectural intern, currently working in Tokyo, Japan. Today we speak to Kai and gain an insight into his won.