Got a baker in your midst? Make her this sweet shop and let her run the show!

tutorials & patterns for the playhouses! this playhouse is made out of a CARD TABLE! A cute tutorial for a post office and tree stump too! :) Want to do this for my kids for Christmas.

Cardtable Pirate playhouse

Fits over a card table! What an awesome idea! Could sew any kind of tent or hideout to put over card table. I have a card table, so why not?

DIY Sand and Rock Box

DIY Sand and Rock Box

Too cold to play outside? Here are 25 indoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers that are fun and don't require a lot of time or materials! 25 Indoor Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers via

table cubby house

This season we are pleased to introduce a new item to the Hiccups collections - an easy to assemble Cubby House. The four panels are gathere.

Cute play house

Card Table Playhouses Patterns Imaginative by missprettypretty - birdhouse or beehive?


inspiration for my table playhouse - one side girls (house & garden) the other half boy side (garage and vehicle track)