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Crazy shoes: from Marihuana shoes to Lego stilettos, you can never get enough shoes. (crazy shoes, funny shoes, unusual shoes)
Renata Bursten
Renata Bursten • 2 anni fa

Good luck trying to walk with a pair of these. Created by Guo Pei - a chinese haute couture designer dubbed 'Alexander Mcqueen of China'

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Alexander McQueen shoes

Guo Pei Shoes ~(( I found an article written by: Kim Mickenberg ~ called: "High Heels - If they hurt, you're doing it wrong!" www.oxjane.com/...

Giorgio Armani presented a Chinese-inspired haute couture collection (spring / summer 09) in Paris.

Crazy shoes.... oh my gosh, these things just make me laugh! NO WAY!

Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoes - So weird but I love them