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New York City street by Shht!, via Flickr Print this pic out for Alyssa (room decor), dreams of going and there and being a star

Really any metropolis such as new york has a sense of appeal in my eye, but New york City in general always pop up in my mind as a beautiful place, during the day and at nite. I love the vibe that the city life has to offer and i consider that something to be "beautiful" in its own rite.

Would love a large print of this to put up in our place when we find it! New York City - Lower East Side

Greenwich Village Architecture by Nico Geerlings, via Flickr

the Plaza Hotel new york city via flickr gotta go around Christmas so I feel like Kevin in Home Alone 2

New York City - city of wonders (and city containing Coney Island!)

City reflections, Central Park, New York. I worked just across the street from Central Park, so this place was an intrical part of my experience of NYC...and I loved it! ♥

Central Park ~ New York City, New York